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Will speaks about having a Maxillectomy, why he created the site and what is is like to speak when you are missing part of your jaw and palate. Will also shows how he takes his obturator out. For a real life James Bond Skyfall obturator moment, watch this. Go to www.maxillectomy.com if you have been diagnosed with oral cancer or you are about to have a Maxillectomy.

I thought I would go over my experience with using a Therabite to help with Trismus. Obviously this is my own experience and what I talk about worked for me, it may or may not for you and I urge you to seek out medical advice for yourself - however, I believe the way I used the Therabite will work for others also!

Interview with Maxillofacial Surgeon Mr Ceri Hughes in November 2012 - information about Head and Neck cancers and having maxillectomy surgery with reconstruction options. More information can be found at www.maxillectomy.com

This is JJ and it is part one of his video series - this is before his Maxillectomy.

This is JJ again two weeks after his operation