Thank you!

I want to say thank you to a number of people who have helped me through all of this. They continue to do so and without their help, love, devotion and in some case professional skill I do not know where I would be today.

My Wife

Firstly, I need to thank my wife Toni. Without her I would not of made it through the early days of all of this. She supported me more than what is required of a partner - she is my soul mate and best friend. I know that she has been through it as much as I have, it has been hard for her and I know it has proven to be difficult for her at times - even so, she has never made me feel anything other than truly loved.

My Dad

My Dad has been wonderful, he was there when it counted and made it even easier for me to handle the scans, the waiting and the operation. He continues to not only make me feel like a looked after little boy again, but also a friend who stands by me shoulder to shoulder. The help he has extended, can never be repaid.

My Sister-in-Law

Caroline came over to help with the children whilst I was in hospital and from all accounts she was a tremendous help to Toni. She also came to see me in the hospital, the only other person I would let see me bar my Wife and Dad - I thanked her at the hospital for being there for Toni and for coming and sitting with me (she wouldn't let me be on my own), she said "Don't be silly, that's what families do!", I think that says it all really. 

Sally Wilson - Dentist

This lady effectively found my cancer and you could say, saved my life. She is a lovely lady, a great dentist (even before this, I thought so) and I will always be grateful to her. If you are local, she is the Dentist to see!

Mr Ceri Hughes - Surgeon

This man is awesome and I have a brotherly love for him, you'll find a picture of him at the bottom of this site and a link. Yes he is a super talented surgeon but he is also a human being that feels real empathy for his patients. If I had to recommend a surgeon, for my loved ones, he would be first always. I was so lucky to be referred to this man, I owe him a lot. if you are local, no scrap that, travel to him if you are in the same boat, as far as I AM CONCERNED he is the best. Visit his website, better still, visit him! Check out an interview I did of Ceri, you can watch it here.

Professor Steven Thomas - Surgeon

Although I mention Ceri throughout the site, that is because he is my consultant and I see him as the main man, however the Proff was in theatre extracting the rot from my face along side Ceri and made up what can only be described as "The Dream Team!", "Starsky and Hutch", "Bodie and Doyle". "Ceri and the Proff". He also took time out to come and see me on a number of occasions after my operation to make sure I was ok. I am thankful he was on my team on March 3rd 2012.

Also to all my other family, friends and work colleagues who have shown their true colours when really needed. Dayne for feeding the animals and not letting me complain, Tony for looking after things at work and Leigh and Grace, who never let a day go by without ensuring that I knew they were thinking of me.

Cancer attacked me, but in reality it has an effect on so many people around you - one person may have it, but many share it's evil.