Post operative problems

I treated myself today... oh yes, I know how to spoil ME!

Sooooooo I spent some hard earned today, on just me (I say that like I never do!). Yeah, I bought myself a SinuPulse.... 


You've stopped reading now haven't you! But if you are still with me, it's not like I actually need one, my sinus, see I say sinus, because I only in theory have one now, is generally ok - however my ear isn't . 


If you have been following,  I mentioned that my left ear (same side as the gob removal) gets blocked up, then I am deaf. Now I found a way to clear it through exercise, which in one way is a good thing, however, I don't see why it needs to be that way.

Kathy, a new friend of the site, put me onto this contraption. To me it looks like an electric toothbrush that you put up your nose, or maybe that thing Arnold Swarzenegger put up his nose in Total Recall (perhaps not), it squirts water up your nose, but it does it as it oscillates, thus spraying in all directions and leading to a full on jet wash of the sinus area. 

Why would I do this? Well, I'm thinking that perhaps if I can clean out my sinus area regularly I might be able to stop my ear going deaf?! Worth a try I say.

So let the experiment begin. I shall start this from Thursday and see what happens. I know you will be waiting for the results with bated breath... ahem!

Runny noses...


Have you ever eaten a really hot plate of food and found that your nose runs? I'm sure you have. Well, this is what happens to me if I bend over for more than a few seconds, my nose starts to run.

In the beginning, just after my operation, my nose would run constantly, whatever the angle I held my head at. Now, over time, it has got better and better. Sometimes it is a pain though, especially if I am doing something that I need to concentrate on, for example, the other day I was soldering some electronic components, I had no choice at the time to stop as I was holding a very difficult electrical join, within 20 seconds I had created a new mixture of solder and snot which, I may say, creates a perfect electrical joint!

So, if you see me and my nose is running, I'm sorry - I just can't help it!

Ear update

So the ear appears to be a persistent problem - I don't want anything done though until I get my new obturator and see if that helps. In the meantime though I have found a way of draining my ear.

I go to Karate twice a week with my son - we train for an hour, then I usually stay on for a further hour to do bag work (punching bags, as opposed to punching thin air).

I have found that by the end of the session - my ear gurgles (only I hear this) and empties - I can hear clear again. This then lasts for a few days.

I can't work out if it is the head jarring that occurs from punching the living daylights out of a bag or if it is the workout I get that opens up all my blood vessels and tubes in my ear through body heat and the blood pumping around?

Whatever, it works, and it makes it more bearable.

I'll see how I get on after my definitive obturator is made - if i still have problems after a few months of having it, I will seek out something more permanent, perhaps grommets.

I'm bunged up in my left ear...

Over the last week I have had problems with my left ear (same side as the max).

I can't hear. If I move my head about it feels like I have fluid sloshing around my ear. I give Ceri a call and he suggests that I see an ENT consultant - so that gets booked in.

I have a hearing test first - which identified that yes, I have conductive hearing loss in my left ear. Interesting enough it also identified that I have general hearing loss, which is due to my motorcycle riding. I don't ride with ear plugs, I actually listen to music - time to start wearing plugs I think!

I then go to see the ENT consultant who, shoves a camera up my nose - not painful, just very weird and somewhat uncomfortable. His conclusion, I have glue ear.

Maybe caused by surgery, maybe not - no way to tell.

He says that he doesn't want to do anything right now, as it may go away on its own, so he prescribes some nose drops and suggests that if it is still there in 4 - 6 weeks time we can think about putting a grommet (tube) into my ear for drainage.

Its a real drag with my ear - constant reminder of all the problems.

Oh well - can't complain.