WOW it has been 7 years!!!

It has been awhile again! But that is a good thing. I went for a check up the other evening and all is good, no problems, no worries - cancer free.

I suppose the reason I am writing another post is to ensure that all of you who are facing this, can get through it, we do survive, we do continue to live and we can do those things quite well!

It might not seem like it right now for you, but the more that time passes, the easier it can become.

Also, our FACEBOOK group is brilliant, we have well over 300 members now, helping each other, answering questions and supporting those who need it. Even if you don’t want to talk, you’ll be able to read other peoples journeys and maybe, just maybe provide some hope to you.

If I don’t see you on Facebook, i’ll see you in another YEAR!