5 years ago I had a maxillectomy...

It's arrived, a day, once I thought I might never make. It is exactly 5 years to the day that I had my Maxillectomy and the cancer was removed.

Although not officially signed off for another couple of months, I feel like it's done. No more check ups looking for Cancer, back to normality, albeit with half a jaw!

What's important though, is that, 5 years ago I thought this day would never happen, I thought I would miss out on so much - I thought life living with a Max would be far more terrible than it is. But here I am, looking back... looking FAR back now. 

If you are just starting on this road, know there are plenty of us who have made it here, there is always hope for you and you should remain as positive as you can.

I read 5 years ago the number of people who make 5 years for my type of cancer, well let me tell you, I'm not a statistic - I'm a survivor!