Do you have a spare obturator?

Seriously, do you have a spare obturator? I don't - but in thinking about it, what would you do if something happened to yours that meant you could no longer put it in your mouth or perhaps it broke and no longer stayed in position and kept falling out. What would you do?

Seems unlikely? Maybe. These things are pretty robust, that's a fact, but what if you dropped it on a hard surface and bent the metal, what if the bung part of the obturator became unattached? What if you dropped it down the toilet? (a little far fetched perhaps).

Point is, there is a possibility that something could happen and without our obturators we just couldn't function. I can't talk properly without mine, I need it for work to talk to people throughout the day. I can't eat easily without mine and certainly can't drink very easily without it.

I never thought about a spare until my new dental Consultant (not sure of her proper title, but I'll find out), Lisa, asked me if I had one. She is great by the way... more about her in another post.

So, if you wear an obturator, think carefully about how you would live without it for a number of days or maybe a week or more, could you survive? I know it wouldn't be easy for me and I probably wouldn't go out the house for fear of embaressment.

Therefore, DEMAND a spare - you never know when you might need it!