2 years today my cancer was dumped into a bucket!

It was two years ago exactly today that I had my Maxillectomy operation. I can't believe how time has flown by.

Each day that passes, I move further away from the nightmare of having cancer, don't get me wrong it is still a scary thought, of it coming back, but also I feel quite empowered by the length of time that has passed.

One thing that I think is important, for all those who have recently had or are about to have a Maxillectomy, is that I can remember thinking, two years ago EXACTLY, that today (two years away) would be a good time, would be a better place to be than where I was, with tubes everywhere and half my mouth missing. It sounds like such a long time and when you are just starting out on the road to recovery it can seem endless, but let me say, when you get here, the time has passed quickly and the rawness and overwhelming hardship disappears.

Stay strong, keep moving forward, don't give up and you'll be looking back soon enough!

Always thinking of you.