Therabite for Trismus - open your mouth again!

One thing that I have learnt from creating this site, is that many people who are suffering with Trismus are told to use various things to help open their mouth again after surgery. 

I think it is really important for you to know, that if you are about to have a maxillectomy and your surgeon has said there maybe a chance of your mouth not opening properly (called Trismus) then you MUST demand a Therabite. 


In the UK they are available on prescription and there is no reason why everyone shouldn't have one.

I had real trouble opening my mouth properly for about 8 months, sometimes I would only manage 10mm at best, which, as you can imagine doesn't let much in, or much out! Using the Therabite, for about 6 months, with real vigour at times I am now today opening 25mm plus and no longer require the Therabite to get my mouth open!

Like all things though, you have to put some effort in, but I PROMISE that if you use this device, above anything else that is recommended and you use it daily without fail, you will get there too! 

This is without doubt the best device to get your mouth open again! 

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