Cancer check up No. 10

Tonight I saw Ceri again for my tenth check up - I am Cancer free still, nothing that shouldn't be there is there, if you know what I mean! So all good! That's that for another month!

Ceri saw my new obturator for the first time in the flesh and thought that it looked like an awesome bit of kit - his words and I would agree with him. I have been very happy with it and it is settling into its new home nicely - once the clasps are tightened a little I think it will be perfect! 

Ceri is arranging for me to meet the General Manager of the Bristol Dental Hospital to discuss the treatment there and talk about my personal experience - I think it is important that not only clinicians but management are aware of what patients go through on their journey past cancer and onto recovery and the importance of linking dentistry to the medical team.

Lots more updates on this story will come over the coming weeks!

Bye for now! x