New mouth, just around the corner!!! WHOOOOOHOOO!

Just got back form seeing Paul at the RUH. This build is coming along brilliantly I think (I don't want to tempt fate here...) - I was concerned that perhaps, as this was my last but one appointment, the obturator wouldn't be as far along as it actually was. - but it will be ready by next appointment.

We discussed the shape of the of the plate, so that it would fit my mouth nicely and give me a proper roof, the teeth alignment was spot on and he showed me where all the metal clips would be to retain it in place.

I will definitely receive this obturator on the 21st March 2013 - almost one year to the day of receiving this (now) awful pink thing.

I just can't say how excited I am about this and yes I know after last time I have to hold back a little, but it just can't go wrong this time... can it?!

Hope you are well and don't forget to join us in the FORUMS!