Day 5 with new obturator

Well, as I thought there does need to be some adjustment with my new mouth. I was expecting some problems as you would expect with something like this.

Anyway, let me start by saying it is fantastic.

On saturday though I was experiencing some bad pain in the back left of my mouth, what was happening was the back of the obturator was slicing into the back of my mouth and causing the most sore ulcer to form.

I ended up having to take it out as I just couldn't stand it. I actually left it out from 5am Sunday morning until Midday Sunday, the longest I have ever taken my obturator out for in a year! Within this time my mouth had calmed down a little so I attempted to put my obturator back in. This took nearly 45 mins to achieve and caused the most horrendous bleed.

I did manage it and basically stopped using my mouth so much (i.e. talking and eating) to easy the irritation (not really). So I called the Bristol dental hospital, who are looking after me. I spoke to the receptionist and explained that I really needed to see someone and I knew that Paul was away on holiday (as he told me), so perhaps his registrar or similar could just make a few adjustments. The lady told me she would ask Pauls nurse and then someone would contact me within the next 48 hours - fair enough, I can be patient for a day or two.

The next day, I miss a call and listen to the voicemail left from the Hospital - "Hello this is a message for Mr Nickson, I have spoke to Cheryl, Pauls nurse and she says that you you saw him in Bath, so we can't help you, thank you, good bye". I have this message on my phone still and shall save it.


I can't tell you how upset that makes me - the Bristol Dental Hospital are looking after me, I ended up seeing Paul in Bath because he decided to so that I could be seen quicker, I'm not someone with some mild toothache who can wait, I am a Cancer patient that requires reconstruction, not to look nice but to function, I can't speak, eat, drink or swallow properly without an obturator. I am thoroughly disgusted by this. I can't honestly think that these health care professionals (hmmm) really think that a mouth prosthetic device is going to fit perfectly first time, therefore, what do they expect us to do in an emergency, would I really have to wait 4 weeks in pain and agony?

I will be following this up - there are really issues here.

Fortunatley for me I had a long scheduled check up appointment with my dentist, I was nearly going to cancel due to the pain and discomfort, but thought no, I will go...

When she saw the "trauma", her word, not mine, she immediately said that I could not go on like that, so thankfully she shaved LESS than a millimetre off the back right corner of the obturator, that's all, 2 minutes work - 2 minutes more than BRISTOL DENTAL HOSPITAL could give me?!

With this tiny adjustment, my plate is awesome! I love it and it is a marvel of dental engineering. I think when I see Paul as scheduled it will need the clasps tightening but other than that, it is perfect.

I am very happy!

Lot's more to come on the whole debacle of my reconstruction, I am going to make it my mission to ensure no one else has to go through similar!