New obturator... round 2

Yesterday I had my first of four appointments to have my definitive obturator made. This time I was at a different hospital to see Paul, RUH (Royal United Hospital) in Bath, about 15 or so miles from Bristol where I have usually been going.

This was another mouth casting - quite used to them now, so it wasn't an issue.

Turns out, this obturator will be built by a technician in London, for a moment I felt quite special, then Paul said that all from the RUH goes to his technician in London... oh well. 

It will be interesting though to see what design changes there might be on this one, since somebody completely different will be making it.

My next appointment is on the 21st - so I will keep you posted. Next up, Cancer check on the 20th - oh I do love those.

In other news, my new friend from this site Nina (I have posted about her before) and I have been chatting about how we can best move forward with creating an NHS exemption category for patients who have had Head and Neck cancer who require dental work due to the surgical or treatment of said cancer. 

We seem to have a fairly good battle plan for this, who to talk to and with Nina's press contacts I believe we stand a reasonable chance of making this happen OR making those in power aware of such a diabolical situation. Will keep you posted and no doubt we will be looking for support PLEASE!

Finally, I should be seeing Ceri at the Dental hospital, along with a number of other key people to discuss the requirements, treatment and needs of cancer patients being handed over from Medical to Dental...

Lot's to do!