Cancer check up No.8 and other news

So, Monday this week I had my eighth check up with Ceri and all is well, no signs of the nasty C! Onwards until next month.

I chatted with Ceri about my obturator and the fact that my appointments were spaced out so far, all the way until May to have my definitive obturator made. He was more than apologetic about this, although totally not his fault or the fault of the staff at the Dental hospital but it does raise the question about the disjointedness between medical and dental when it comes to, specifically, cancer patients that require restorative dental work.

I have been invited to share my views with Ceri and the divisional manager for the Dental hospital with the hope that we can push for a more integrated approach to this, for the smoother and faster treatment of those, many in a worse situation than me, to receive the treatment required as part of their care package.

I'm keen to see this and the long standing issue with with Oral Cancer patients and NHS dentist fees to be resolved and I shall be talking more about this in future posts.

I have recently had myself filmed and will be posting on the site the video, with a view to showing others who are having a maxillectomy OR who maybe on the first steps to having one done, actually see someone (me) who has been through similar, how I speak and look and actually taking the obturator out and putting it back in. I may get to post that later today.

Take care x