Sadly, a new friend... Katy

When I started this site, it was partly because it was cathartic for me, but mainly because I couldn't find anyone else who had gone through having a Maxillectomy. I needed to find others, so I didn't feel so alone, I needed to find others because I wanted to know that I WOULD BE OK - I needed someone to tell me this, who wasn't my family or doctors...

I wanted people to know that they are not alone, that others have gone through it before them and have come out the others side, well, functional and enjoying life again. I wanted anyone who might go through this to find me - to find this site...

Katy's favourite place... (picture taken from her blog, click to check it out!!!)

Katy's favourite place... (picture taken from her blog, click to check it out!!!)

So in came an email from Katy - someone who has a Keratocystic tumour, although benign, they are aggressive tumours that have to be treated in the same way as cancer, they need to be removed!

She has had one before, which was removed without radical surgery and sadly she has had a re-occurance. This time the Tumour is larger and will require a Maxillectomy.

I'm saddened that Katy has found this site, but I am also pleased as I hope she knows that she isn't alone in this.

She will be soon having an MRI to confirm the extent of her Tumour and then I guess will be booked in to have the surgery shortly afterwards. Katy seems a little more positive about this now and has got to the point where she knows this is something that has to be done, it is an unfortunate choice that has been taken away from her.

Katy sounds strong to me, a very positive, independent woman who I think has a good sense of humour (I know this from her blog - see link below).

With her permission I will post updates about her here as her story progresses.

One thing I did Katy, which I'm not suggesting you do but I can definitely recommend, is to totally stuff your face pre-op with lot's of healthy, good quality foods, such as CHOCOLATE, CAKES, CHIPS, PIZZA etc... you get the idea... - got to get something out of it right?!

She has decided to write her own blog - you can find Katy and her blog here: please visit her site and show her your support.