People who have found this site...

This site has only been up for a few weeks, perhaps three, yet to my surprise there has already been people who have found it.

I registered because I figured that anyone who is having or who is going through a Maxillectomy will search for that word - it seems to have paid off.

But there is a trade off - if someone finds this site, then I am always saddened by it, because it usually means that they or a loved one has either gone through having a maxillectomy or they are about to.

I have had a few emails from people, who will always remain anonymous unless they wish to share their stories - and sadly it goes to show that there are others out there, some experience this whole thing worse than you, some much easier, but the point is, there are people who have had this awful thing done and SURVIVED!

So there is no reason why you can't to!

I will always make myself available for anyone who wants to talk about it - if ever anyone needs to ask questions I will do my utmost to answer them, I will never lie, I will never make things rosier than they are from what I have experienced and I can appreciate that you are going through your own thing and it is different from mine.

I hope no one reads this - but if you do, it is going to be ok.