Aspirin - taken for cancer not headaches?


So, I have read an awful lot about cancer on the internet and one thing that I came across was how Aspirin can potentially have an effect on Cancer.

Here is the general information:

Taking a low dose of aspirin every day may reduce the risk of cancer and slow the spread of the disease, according to a study that followed the health of more than 100,000 patients.

Research by a team at the American Cancer Society in Atlanta found the overall risk of dying from cancer was 16% lower among people who took a daily aspirin pill for up to 11 years, with deaths from gastrointestinal cancers, such as oesophageal, stomach and colorectal cancers, falling by around 40%. Deaths from other cancers fell by 12% on average.

The findings, based on 100,139 men and women with no prior history of cancer, support previous claims that aspirin can protect against some forms of the disease, but suggest the effect is not as strong as those earlier studies found.

Along with the benefits for cancer, of course Aspirin is given to those who have had heart problems, so to me it seems like a very worthy medicine to have in your cabinet!

For me, my largest concern is the return of cancer, so with that in mind and from what I have read and concluded on my own, I have been taking a 75mg pill every day now for the past few months, I'm not saying you should, you need to do your own research, but for me, I see that the positives totally outweigh any negatives! 

I'll do anything to live Cancer free!