Sigmund Freud and me... so much in common

Sigmund Freud - obturator wearer like me. 

Sigmund Freud - obturator wearer like me. 

No I don't advocate the use of cocaine, nor do I believe that all women have penis envy! But we do have one major thing in common:

We have both had maxillectomy's. That's right, Sigmund Freud suffered very badly with cancer and as such one of his operations on his upper right jaw left him having to wear an obturator. I found a document online which describes his cancer and many operations that he had to go through. (My consultant was the person who originally drew my attention to Sigmund Freud and his Obturator!)

The document starts:

"Sigmund Freud (1856–1939), the founder of psychoanalysis, developed a carcinoma of the buccal cavity in 1923, which was treated between 1924 and 1938 by Prof Hans Pichler (1877–1950), Professor of Oral, Maxillary, and Facial Surgery at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Freud and Pichler were both professors there. Freud’s neoplastic disease illustrates the development of oncological oral, maxillary, and facial surgery from 1920–1940, and the problems of maxillary resection. It also shows the specialty’s medical and technical developments which occurred in that time period. This chronicle takes place against the backdrop of the National Socialist dictatorship in Germany and Austria."

Later the document says:

"In a follow-up operation one week later, a partial maxillary resection was performed. Covering of the wound surfaces was carried out using the split skin graft technique published in 1917 by Esser (1877– 1976), and by the insertion of a provisional obturator prosthesis. On the evening of the operation, Freud enjoyed two Havana cigars."

The above comes from a PDF I found about Sigmund Freud, you can see it here: and if that no longer exists you can download directly from here.

You see, even famous people suffer too!