Cancer checkup No.1

Went to see Sir Ceri today. Booked for an evening appointment 18:15. I don't like that, I don't like seeing him in the evening, this was the time when he told me that I had cancer. I won't see him in the evening again if I can help it!

Anyway, I turn up, sign in with reception and go and sit in the waiting room. Not many people in there - I always look out for people with facial defects in there now. I never actually see anyone that I would say... ahh, you had something done too. 

Not sure if that worries me, i.e. there are no survivors or makes me think that surgeons are just brilliant in fixing peoples faces so that you just don't notice... I'll go with the latter.

Ceri pops his head around the corner, shouts my name and off I go.

I sit down, we have a nice chat about things, general and specific - then he dons his miner hat (that's what I call it) with the xenon headlight - I remove my obturator and he takes a good look.

All good - healing very well, nothing to worry about.

Phew - I don't think he knew, but I was nervous as hell.

See you in a month Ceri.