Today I found out I have Cancer

Went to see my Consultant Mr Ceri Huges this evening - had news that I wasn't expecting.

My wife, Toni, fortunately came with me tonight, much needed support.

Ceri asked me into his consulting room, we sat down and he started fairly swiftly:

"Will the pathologist found cancer cells.." from that moment on, the evening is a bit of a blur. I obviously remember some of the conversation but most of the time I think I was just stunned. I don't expect anyone thinks they will get Cancer, I certainly never even thought about it.

Ceri was wonderful, I think we were with him for about an hour. No rush to get us out the room. He is a very nice man, on top of being a great consultant.

The biggest problem of the evening was that Ceri said I needed to have a full chest CT scan and head and neck MRI, just to make sure the cancer hadn't spread. Cancer spread - this is a real threat to me, I actually don't know what to do.

My wife and I went home and cried much of that night.

Scary times lay ahead.