Day one – when I woke up

I woke up (apparently) long before I remember, weird? Totally! Even more weird to know that I actually had conversations with the surgeons and theatre staff – of, let’s say a somewhat embarrassing nature! Something like “I love you, no really I love you… “ – oh dear.

But I did, I woke up and all was ok. I knew before I went in that I would have a feeding tube in my nose as using my mouth would be at that time pretty much impossible for eating and drinking – so although this felt a little weird, I was ok with it – made my throat a little sore, but only very mild.

I noticed I had a number of tubes going into my left hand – all of which are normal, in fact only one actual tube, which was giving me fluid and two other plugs that they can use to give you other meds should you need any.

The next thing I did was ask the nurse if my scar looked ok – I was told before my surgery that I would have my top lip cut up underneath my nose, around the side and up to the corner of my eye, obviously so they could peel me open and get in! Turns out, I have a big mouth, so this wasn’t required. They didn’t need to cut my face.

I obviously can’t answer how this would feel and I am glad that I didn’t have it done – so ask your surgeon if they will try and expand your mouth first without cutting your lip, if they can’t get in through any other way, then try to accept it, easily said than done I know – but try and picture it before surgery. I did find a few images of people who had this kind of scar and it doesn’t look too bad.

(I just want to say, that as a Man it is much easier to deal with scars, after all we look like we have been in a few scrapes with scars, but for Ladies I can’t imagine how it would make you feel – if any ladies are reading this and have had it done, please send me some words about how you coped, I would be more than happy to include them here for others to read!).

Next thing I noticed was that the whole of my left cheek, left side of my nose (and filtrum) along with the left side of my lip were totally numb. I’m talking about properly numb – the kind of numb whereby you could of put a needle through your cheek and not feel it. I put this down to being like when you come back from having dental work, the anaesthetic they use, you know you have a cheek but it doesn’t feel right, sort of almost dead – weird. I assumed this would come back after a few hours – it didn’t.

Before the surgery, my consultant showed me the  temporary healing plate that he was going to be put in to cover the hole left from surgery – so I knew this was there when I woke, but I don’t think I explored it with my tongue for a day or so, I was a little scared.

So at this point I was feeling more of the effects of the anaesthetic than anything else. Not too bad really, certainly no pain.

I was also introduced to my morphine buddy by the nurse – I press the button and he comes running through fields of sunflowers, skipping and singing… whatever… I didn’t  need that friend right now, no pain... all good.