Day 5 - homeward bound

Going home – YEAH!!!

Couldn’t wait to go home, nurses and hospital great, but no place like home. This as far as I am concerned is where it all starts.

Before I left, I had to wait for my prescriptions to be filled - one thing I had coming is called a Therabite. This contraption is to help you excerise your jaw opening to help Trisumus (lock Jaw). Here is a picture:

Therabite to help with Trismus

You put the white part into your mouth and then squeeze, this forces the mouth open. I will enjoy using this device! Hmmmm.

Before I left, this was funny - a lady came into my room "Oh hello, I hear you are leaving today, wondered if I could ask you a few questions about your stay?" she said. "Of course" I replied.

She asked "Can I ask you if you were comfortable in your room?"

"Oh yes, fantastic thanks, no complaints there" I squeezed out of my mouth.

"and what about the food?"

"The food" I said... "yes, the food, how was that?" she said

"Oh, can't fault the food here." I replied smiling

I looked at my Dad, who was in tears...

"Nope, definitely can't complain about the food!" I said.

The lady looks at my Dad wondering I am sure if he is a nutter, then she looks around the room and notices (right in front of her) that there are nutritional drinks ready for me to take home, the penny drops... "You haven't been able to eat whilst you have been here have you?" - she didn't finish the rest of the survey for some reason.

Anyway, I leave the hospital.

I have a 7 year old son (just turned 8) who was at home off school with a cold, my kids weren’t told exactly what was wrong with me, as Cancer is a horrible word, even for an adult and we agreed that perhaps they wouldn’t see me in hospital just in case I looked horrible – so when I pulled up at home, I got out of the car and immediately broke down – I was worried that perhaps he would think of me differently, I would look horrible to him or some other imagined thing.

He was great - didn't care, he could see that I was generally ok, moving, talking and that I had come home - he continued to watch TV.

I spent a lot of time with him and my daughter explaining that I would be wearing false teeth and that I might look a bit strange for a bit when I get home - I think this helped. If you have kids, remember they can actual handle a lot more information than you think.

I was glad to be home.