Cancer check up No.3

Saw Ceri again this morning for my usual check.

We had a great conversation about cameras and other stuff... boys stuff really - we do love out toys!

Anyway, I pop my obturator out, on goes the miner hat and he has a look in.

"You've got a couple of growths, but they look like they are shaped that way because of your current obturator. If they don't go when you get your definitive one, I think we'll whip them out..."

Oh - growths, you mean Cancer?

"No, I'm 99.9% sure that it isn't cancer, it's just the way your mouth is healing. I noticed them last visit, never said anything about them then, wished I had never said anything about them now, don't worry!"

I can't help it, I worry. I worry when everything is ok! We have a big chat about this, I actually ask him if I am going to die from this, i know, I know, over the top - but your mind can play awful tricks on you, make you think the worst thoughts. Ceri looked at me as if I had fallen from another planet - I said "So I will now go on to lead a normal full life?"

YES! he said, looking at me like I was dumb.

Ok, that's ok then. I'll calm down. Well, definitely for 25 days or so...

Can't wait to see you again! :-)