I'm bunged up in my left ear...

Over the last week I have had problems with my left ear (same side as the max).

I can't hear. If I move my head about it feels like I have fluid sloshing around my ear. I give Ceri a call and he suggests that I see an ENT consultant - so that gets booked in.

I have a hearing test first - which identified that yes, I have conductive hearing loss in my left ear. Interesting enough it also identified that I have general hearing loss, which is due to my motorcycle riding. I don't ride with ear plugs, I actually listen to music - time to start wearing plugs I think!

I then go to see the ENT consultant who, shoves a camera up my nose - not painful, just very weird and somewhat uncomfortable. His conclusion, I have glue ear.

Maybe caused by surgery, maybe not - no way to tell.

He says that he doesn't want to do anything right now, as it may go away on its own, so he prescribes some nose drops and suggests that if it is still there in 4 - 6 weeks time we can think about putting a grommet (tube) into my ear for drainage.

Its a real drag with my ear - constant reminder of all the problems.

Oh well - can't complain.