Day 4 - nutrition education or so I thought

In my hospital bed, not eating obviously and I get a visit from a nutritionist. She seems really nice and tells me that she is here to assess my needs and guide me on what I can and can't eat etc.

Then she blows my mind completely - don't think I will ever forget this. Let me set the scene again for you. I have just had major surgery, part of my jaw that has been eaten away by cancer is currently in a bucket somewhere waiting to be tested for clear margins, I'm not looking great, sounding even worse and very tired. I can't feel or control most of the left side of my face, my nose is running every few seconds and I probably smell...

After about a minute of introductory speech from her, she says:

"Were you a smoker then?"

WHAT? Oh my god! Firstly, let me say that my cancer has nothing to do with smoking or drinking, it is just one of those unfortunate things that can happen to anyone (that's from my Consultant, not me). Now, let's say I was a smoker and just had this done - would you honestly look me in the eye and basically say, "well, there you go, cancer, jaw removal - you did smoke!" - NO of course you wouldn't, well you certainly wouldn't if you had any empathy towards another human being!

Firstly, it ain't none of your business, you are a nutritionalist, not a doctor - secondly have some compassion - if I had done this to myself, I think I would realise it without being reminded?

With hindsight I should of thrown her out of my room, but at the time I was shocked not only from her but also that I had just had major surgery - so I let her prattle on for about 20 minutes. Frankly what she told me I could of worked out anyway, yeah I know I won't be chewing on steak love, yes I realise that my food intake will be liquid for sometime... sheesh!