Interview with Mr Ceri Hughes, my Surgeon.

We filmed this interview on Monday of this week - we both thought that it would be useful for you to hear from a surgeon about Head and Neck cancers and of course the primary subject - Maxillectomys. If you are facing this surgery yourself, then I think it is important to try and hear from as many people who have been through this and this interview is particularly useful as it comes from another surgeon, direct to you, no appointment necessary!

I need to thank Mr Hughes for taking the time to do this, as a Surgeon he is very busy and sees many patients daily, so this was above and beyond - I would like to say that if you are, specifically in the south west region of the UK,  and you have a Head and Neck problem, Mr Hughes comes highly recommended, although I am biased, he has been very human, very accommodating and most importantly, he got rid of my cancer!

On with the show... Click the image below to start the video.