If you have been following (oh I pity you) then you will know that today I went to see Paul the prosthodontist, who, has organised and made my obturator(s).

Well, I tell him that the new obturator is no good, it is fundamentally flawed, in that the roof isn't concave like a normal mouth palette. He can clearly see this now, not sure why now and not when he ordered its build, but there we go.

I have to have all new casts done, probably have front retention clips and he is also talking about "altering" my existing teeth for the metal work, which, from what I gather means he will make grooves in them for the metal to sit in - uhmmm, no thanks, let's try and keep what I have intact please - just concentrate on getting the obturator correct... yes?

So the good news is that he can clearly see that it is wrong and is happy to re-build. He also shaved my current obturator down and applied some new pink goo to it, which essentially means that it is smooth again and not pitted.


I can't believe this, seriously, wait for it... I need five appointments for all the casts again the first one is on 5th December, not long... nope. The last appointment where I take delivery of the new obturator is....

22nd May 2013!

I should have stuck with the tumour.