Cancer check up No.6

Today has come around again - two weeks late, but that was a traffic thing.

So, I have my mouth checked out again - I have an area on the back of the mouth, near my tonsil  which is an ulceration, but Ceri believes that this is more than likely due to the current obturator that I have been wearing for the past millennium - it has become quite pitted and is slowly falling apart I guess and as Ceri says it is now no good for my mouth.

He doesn't want to do a biopsy right now, he needs to see if it will heal up first with a new obturator, if not then he will do a biopsy and take it from there. Although I'm not really concerned, no more than usual, this is the bit I dislike, the uncertainty of it all - I think this is the biggest problem with Cancer, no one can know for sure... we'll just have to wait and see. Chin up though and crack on, that's what I say!

Anyway, Wednesday I see Paul to see if I can get this new obturator sorted, although I think, after discussions with Ceri, it will need to be remade. Therefore, I either need my current obturator altering OR have a new temporary one made for me (which, only took a week last time). I need this doing swiftly, not only for my own mouth hygiene but also so Ceri can rule out any nasties!

Will update about this on Wednesday evening.

One other thing, I video interviewed Ceri today, all about him, head and neck cancers and maxillectomy's - I should have this ready sometime this week and of course I shall post the video right here!