Disheartened... annoyed really...

I should of known...

Firstly they didn't have an appointment for me, they cancelled a week ago and told me to come in today at the same time but hadn't actually booked me in, unbelieveable! So I had to wait for an extra hour and half, not too bad though, I can wait a few extra hours, only been waiting 6 months for this...

Walked in, saw the obturator - looked the business. The bung that fits into my open sinus is rubbery and hollow inside, it can only be described as lush. 

So without further a do Paul places the plate into my mouth and sets the clasps so that they lock around my teeth on the opposite side. It feels quite big, again, to be expected and I had already prepared myself for a period of getting used to this new plate.

Paul makes quite a few adjustments and then hands me a mirror.

Looks ok, teeth look a little low but Paul says that the plate will need to bed in a little so this will change and probably move up. If it doesn't then he can adjust them up - not a problem.

So off I go, fairly happy, mouth feeling weird and I have a lisp back again.

Riding home, plate feels ok but I am not sure. When I do get home, I realise that there are a three problems I have, one of which I can't quite get my head around:

1. Paul has placed some build up of acrylic underneath my front teeth, you can see it in the picture below at the front of the metal. My bite has changed some form the surgery, so in theory this is a good idea, but actually in practice I can't chew anymore, this needs to be removed. This is not an issue and was always going to be the case.

Click for larger

2. The left side, effectively the new jaw and gum area, protrudes too much, it makes my face stick out, not unsightly, but definitely so that you would notice - this was picked up when I was having the wax moulds checked, Paul actually took some off, so I really really don't know why in this final build it isn't correct.

Click for larger

3. This is the most upsetting actually to me, the roof of my mouth. So in the one that I have been wearing for the past FOREVER, it arcs up, it is concave and follows the shape of the roof of my mouth - as you would expect. This thing, is wonderful where the metal work is, I must admit that feels great, but then as you pass onto the acrylic area it is flat and in places bulbous. They HAVE NOT CONTOURED it to my original palate shape. I can not believe this, I actually have more in my mouth now than I did on my original healing plate.

Click for larger

I have an appointment in two weeks for tweaks - but I am going to hand this back and reject it, I'm not prepared to make do and I certainly do not see why I have to. I can not believe that the technicians who made this didn't consider that my mouth still wants to be concave, yes I lost my jaw and half my palate but I would like what I was promised in the beginning and that is a fake mouth as close to as possible to the original - surely that was the point of taking all the mouth casts before it was all bloody cut out?

I thought I was going to get my definitive obturator earlier than most, looks like this will easily run into next year now. 

So right now, I am wearing old faithful - which, for a bit of plastic and a quick splurge of pink goo, is better than this thing which took 3 months to make!