Nina - cancer survivor since 2007

Small world, for me anyway. Nina from Bristol, who in fact shares my Consultant Ceri and my prosthetics whizz Paul contacted me last night.

Nina, had cancer in her tonsil, and ended up having quite extensive surgery, which included having her palate removed, leaving her wearing an obturator. 

Nina's story is very inspiring, especially considering what she has been through. She has kindly let me post her story here for others to read. She wrote it a few years back I believe, closer to when she had the surgery (she will provide more updates another time)- since then she has done many things and one thing that sticks out to me the most when I re-read her email is the line she wrote "I just think I have to do everything now as you never know how long you have left!" - not that her life is under threat, but as any cancer survivor knows, nothing is certain.

But that actually applies to anyone, you never know how long you have, so you have to grab all opportunities - grab a handful of life and hold on tight!

Anyway, read Nina's story here, it's quite a read, so grab a cuppa first.

Nina - enjoy the holiday, not that I am jealous or anything!!! (off to Barbados... going to miss all this lovely UK weather!).