I treated myself today... oh yes, I know how to spoil ME!

Sooooooo I spent some hard earned today, on just me (I say that like I never do!). Yeah, I bought myself a SinuPulse.... 


You've stopped reading now haven't you! But if you are still with me, it's not like I actually need one, my sinus, see I say sinus, because I only in theory have one now, is generally ok - however my ear isn't . 


If you have been following,  I mentioned that my left ear (same side as the gob removal) gets blocked up, then I am deaf. Now I found a way to clear it through exercise, which in one way is a good thing, however, I don't see why it needs to be that way.

Kathy, a new friend of the site, put me onto this contraption. To me it looks like an electric toothbrush that you put up your nose, or maybe that thing Arnold Swarzenegger put up his nose in Total Recall (perhaps not), it squirts water up your nose, but it does it as it oscillates, thus spraying in all directions and leading to a full on jet wash of the sinus area. 

Why would I do this? Well, I'm thinking that perhaps if I can clean out my sinus area regularly I might be able to stop my ear going deaf?! Worth a try I say.

So let the experiment begin. I shall start this from Thursday and see what happens. I know you will be waiting for the results with bated breath... ahem!