Such a small world... but I love it!

I normally leave for work anywhere from 6:30am to 7:00am, as I go through the village where I live, I wave at a chap walking with his dog that I have known for around 10 years. Now, when I say I know, I mean, I have shared the occasional hello and the odd wave and he runs a local shooting club that he has asked me to join but that was it.

So where am I going with this? Well, my wife just came back from walking the dog and she said:

"I have had the most bizarre conversation... you know the man who does the shooting in village, well, he has an obturator!"

I couldn't believe it. Apparently, at 18 (42 years ago, yep 42 years!) he had a cancerous tumour in his upper jaw, the doctors removed it and fitted him with an obturator, sounds EXACTLY like me.

The point is this:

  1. He had cancer 42 years ago and has never had it return!
  2. He has worn an obturator for 42 years and has managed to live with it successfully!

I love this, because it gives me REAL hope that there will be a day when I stop thinking about Cancer and there will be a day when perhaps the obturator becomes a background part of my life instead of being one of the most major parts.

I am feeling very positive right now...!

Next time I see him walking his dog, I shall stop and compare obturators with him!