We can rebuild him - out of Cobalt Chrome!

I had my last but one appointment with Paul today. It has been a very slowwwwww process building my definitive obturator. Let's recap:

1. Healing plate put in at surgery, rough bit of plastic with plasticine on (see pics in obturator section) - March 3rd
2. Upgraded obturator, pink plastic, with teeth! I am wearing that now and have been for 5 months. March 20th - present date (16th October).

So now I am one stage away from receiving my shiny new obturator - and today I saw the metal work for the first time:

Click for larger version

OK, this might not look like much, but it is awesome to me. So, let me tell you what's what. Lets start with the pink part at the front. That is actually wax, put there to simulate where extra chrome will be placed to help with my bite on my front teeth - Paul actually took some of this away in the fitting today, so when it is made properly, it will be a lot less than is there at the moment and it will be in cobalt chrome. Also, if you click the image, they have actually ETCHED the metal, so that it will feel like a normal "roof of the mouth..." how cool is that!

On the far side are the clasps for my teeth, so that the plate will stay in place. Then moving towards you, the solid piece of metal, this covers the part of my palette that still exists and creates rigidity for the Obturator. Finally, nearest you, the chrome with all the holes in, that is ready to have my new gum, teeth and bung held onto.

Click image for larger version

The image above, shows you how it will fit onto my teeth, shown here on the left (which is actually my right hand side). You can now clearly see how much of my mouth is missing underneath the metal with all the holes in - seems to be much bigger than it actually feels - weird. Just off to the right in the picture you can see some teeth set into a pink mould, those are actually my new teeth set into a wax mould - Paul uses this to align my teeth with what remain, then they will be attached to the metal plate.

So how did it feel, well, Paul got me to hold my hand out, he put the metal in my palm and it was almost weightless. I can feel myself welling up inside now, because as I write this I know that this new Obturator will be amazing for me. I did try it in my mouth, but the clasps aren't tightened to my teeth yet, so Paul has to hold it in (a bit difficult due to the trismus) otherwise it will drop out.

Paul said the bung, that fits into the defect left by the cancer removal, will have a rubber coating - that is amazing because my current Obturator is rock hard solid acrylic, which has no give and can be painful at times.

I have had some great thing in my life, things I have been lucky to get, like new Motorcycles, computers, just stuff that every normal person gets excited about receiving, but I have to say, I have never been more excited about receiving anything as I am about picking this up on the 6th of November at 3:30pm - in fact, I may, just like Apple fans, camp outside the hospital from around the 4th!

Just 4 weeks from today, just 4... can I contain myself???