Scan day

My Dad and Toni took me to the hospital today. Quite surreal.

I was in first for an MRI. I was taken to a room where they gave me a gown and told me to leave my belongings and get changed. I walked into the MRI room and the lady gave me an injection to help show up the imaging.

I lay back on the tray unit and she strapped me in. Finally she placed headphones over my ears and left the room. Suddenly her voice was there asking if I was ok. I could see her in a mirror above my face, so I held my thumb up. She said I could speak and that she would hear me, so I said "I'm ok".

She told me to lie still and that the machine would make loud noises... away we go.

Shortly into the scan I remember shedding a tear, it was at this moment that I realised that I was ill, I really do have Cancer - this really could be it.

I pulled myself together and got through it, it's not scary, the machine is fine, it's just the thought of having it done, makes everything real.

I got dressed and the lady gave me a copy of the MRI on CD. This was a copy for me to keep for the next 5 years. I returned to Dad and Toni.

20 minutes later another nurse comes to get me, now it's time for the chest CT. Again, I was given a gown and told to leave my belongings and get changed.

The lady took me through to the scan room, it was the same lady that did the sinus CT scan for my Consultant a few weeks back, so I sort of knew her. She asked me to lie down and get comfortable.

A man came in, he put a cannula into my hand, this was so that as the scan passes over my chest the machine will administer a dose of reactive liquid that will help the CT scan show up anything that shouldn't be there.

They both left the room and then the ladies voice came through on the speaker.

"We're going to start now Will, when the machine goes you will feel a warm sensation up through your arm and around your body, you might have a metallic taste in your mouth also."

The machine started and we were off. I felt the liquid go in, it was weird, it was warm - quite strange. Not scary or horrible, just a little weird. I had to hold my breath too. I was directed by the lady on the speaker and it all went ok.

Scans over, just have to wait for the news... it would prove to be the longest wait of my entire life.