Not posted in a while and check up No.18

Firstly, sorry I have not posted in a while.

Last night I had my 18th Cancer check up. It went well and everything looks good upstairs, which is always nice.

I have my second chest CT Scan a week tomorrow, this is to make sure that the nodule they found last time isn't any bigger. I'm not to concerned about it, I guess I will be a little once I have had it done and awaiting results. I'll keep you posted on scan day.

Also, I want to apologise as my email for this site has been playing up recently, in fact is has been very weird for a number of months, so if I haven't responded to you, I may not have even got a message so please do send again - I think it is sorted now though.

So until next Friday - take care and stay healthy!



Do you have a spare obturator?

Seriously, do you have a spare obturator? I don't - but in thinking about it, what would you do if something happened to yours that meant you could no longer put it in your mouth or perhaps it broke and no longer stayed in position and kept falling out. What would you do?

Seems unlikely? Maybe. These things are pretty robust, that's a fact, but what if you dropped it on a hard surface and bent the metal, what if the bung part of the obturator became unattached? What if you dropped it down the toilet? (a little far fetched perhaps).

Point is, there is a possibility that something could happen and without our obturators we just couldn't function. I can't talk properly without mine, I need it for work to talk to people throughout the day. I can't eat easily without mine and certainly can't drink very easily without it.

I never thought about a spare until my new dental Consultant (not sure of her proper title, but I'll find out), Lisa, asked me if I had one. She is great by the way... more about her in another post.

So, if you wear an obturator, think carefully about how you would live without it for a number of days or maybe a week or more, could you survive? I know it wouldn't be easy for me and I probably wouldn't go out the house for fear of embaressment.

Therefore, DEMAND a spare - you never know when you might need it!

Forums are down

Hey everyone, I'm sorry to announce that I have had to remove the forums for now as there has been a lot of spam recently - you would think given the subject of the forum the "spammers" would use their tiny brains to  know that it is somewhat inappropriate.

I will solve it, they will be back online shortly.


Take a breath, now hold it...

Last week I had my cancer check up with Ceri, no.17 - all ok upstairs, which is always nice.

However, I have had a cough for nearly 4 - 5 weeks and can't seem to shift it, so on the instructions of the Wife I tell Ceri about this and he suggests that I should have a chest CT scan, just to make sure all is ok.

My scan was booked for the following Tuesday (two days ago) - reminded me of the scan I had two years ago to check my lungs, in case the cancer had spread... not a pleasant reminder really. Anyhow, the usual takes place, they pop a line in your arm so that as the machine scans you it automatically pumps an iodine type mix I think into your blood stream, which helps to show up all of your internals.

15 minutes and I am out. No problem. I text Ceri that I have had this done and he tells me that he will check the report the next evening when he is in that building and give me a call.

So, last night, Ceri calls... bit nervous to answer that call to be honest, you never quite know what you are going to get from a call like that. 

He starts by saying that my chest is clear, but the radiologist has produced a big report. I have a 4mm, so in perspective, tiny, nodule showing on my left lobe (lung, not ear!) - this wasn't on my previous CT scan, but that could simply be due to the fact that the machine has been upgraded with a better scanning resolution, thus, maybe the nodule was there all along and it is just being seen now. However, the radiologist doesn't think that this has anything to do with my cancer but just to cover his backside I will have to have another scan in 6 months to make sure that it isn't growing.

What do I make of all of this? Well, I feel quite good in that my chest is clear, my heart, liver and glands are clear. So in one way it is like being healthier than the next man, however, having a "something" albeit a 4mm more than likely benign "something" is just another thing to think about in 6 months... 

This cancer thing doesn't just invade your body, it invades your mind. You have to try and think positive and not let the darker thoughts take over, especially when you are getting checked out. I feel quite lucky really that I am checked out so often, because if anything does crop up in the future we will be all over it like a rash - which, is a good thing.

So, if you are being checked out, if you have "precaution" type scans and tests, keep your chin up, it is a good thing, not a bad thing!

Take care.


Cancer check up No.16

Last night I had my 16th Cancer check up with Ceri. This marks two years of follow up. All looking good.

I've been moved to quarterly checkups now - which is just really positive news. I'm very happy about this. It's a long process to get to 5 years post follow up, but being 2 years on the way is a proper milestone I think.

I've said it before but it does seem like a long time ago things were very difficult.

It does, with time, get so much easier and that is definitely something you need to hold onto if you are suffering with similar at the moment. I know people say time is a great healer, but in my experience it really has been. Hang in there.