WOW it has been 7 years!!!

It has been awhile again! But that is a good thing. I went for a check up the other evening and all is good, no problems, no worries - cancer free.

I suppose the reason I am writing another post is to ensure that all of you who are facing this, can get through it, we do survive, we do continue to live and we can do those things quite well!

It might not seem like it right now for you, but the more that time passes, the easier it can become.

Also, our FACEBOOK group is brilliant, we have well over 300 members now, helping each other, answering questions and supporting those who need it. Even if you don’t want to talk, you’ll be able to read other peoples journeys and maybe, just maybe provide some hope to you.

If I don’t see you on Facebook, i’ll see you in another YEAR!

5 years ago I had a maxillectomy...

It's arrived, a day, once I thought I might never make. It is exactly 5 years to the day that I had my Maxillectomy and the cancer was removed.

Although not officially signed off for another couple of months, I feel like it's done. No more check ups looking for Cancer, back to normality, albeit with half a jaw!

What's important though, is that, 5 years ago I thought this day would never happen, I thought I would miss out on so much - I thought life living with a Max would be far more terrible than it is. But here I am, looking back... looking FAR back now. 

If you are just starting on this road, know there are plenty of us who have made it here, there is always hope for you and you should remain as positive as you can.

I read 5 years ago the number of people who make 5 years for my type of cancer, well let me tell you, I'm not a statistic - I'm a survivor! 


Join the Maxillectomy facebook group!

So that we can all easily share our stories, tips and help each other through having a Maxillectomy, I have set up a new group on facebook, join here:

Maxillectomy Support Group

It is a closed group, so no one can see our posts or discussions unless they become members.

Please join, it is open to everyone that has been effected by this radical surgery including family and friends. We can all help each other.

See you all soon!

3 years today!

There were moments when I thought this might not of been possible, but today marks a special milestone for me, it has been 3 years since I had my operation to remove the cancer from my face and I'm here, happy, alive and well.

3 years cancer free! 

I won't get signed off for another 2 years, but to get to 3 years without re-occurance is pretty special I think. I can't believe it has been that long actually, it almost feels like I have had this obturator for all of my life now, can't remember a time without it.

Time is a great healer and anyone undergoing something similar should really know that although the road is long, the destination is worth it. 

So once again, thank you to all the people that have helped me to get to this day and I look forward to writing this again, in a year from now!

Take care! x

New forums

So after the spamming of the previous forums - which I had to take down, I have found another provider that we can try. Just use the forum link in the menu above to get started!

Look forward to seeing you there!


Broken CT - fixed at last!

So yesterday I had my second chest CT scan, on a machine that was held together by gaffer tape! In all seriousness, the machine has been broken, new date arranged, broken, new date arranged until finally I got in it yesterday!

So I'm lying there, having a nice chat to the technician lady, they put me in the scanner to line everything up and she comes out from behind the control centre and says, "I saw on the screen that you have a plate in your mouth, is it removable?"

"Why?" I ask?
"Well it would good if you could take it out as I want to scan your neck and chest"

Really? I thought my plate was in my mouth? Ahh well, if your going to be like that I thought so I took it out and handed it to her, all slobbery like - she wasn't prepared for that!

Anyway, male nurse turns up to put the drip in my arm... "Hello - I'm here to put the drip in your arm" he says, "how are you?"

"Rrarrrrhhhh awwwrrrrhhhh rrhhh arrrhhhhhh wareeeeee" I say (No obturator you see).

He actually does a double take, which was nice HAHA! I did put it on a bit... so anyway he starts, small scratch and all that, he's then mumbling... " Have you had Chemo or Radio or something?" No I replied, "it's just that I can't get it in this vein." 

"Does that hurt" - he says... "Nope"
"and does that hurt now?"...."Nope"
"and now?" - at this point I'm wondering what he is trying to achieve!

"Oh, that's that then, your vein has collapsed, I'll try the other arm" he declares - to which point I said, and I suppose I really should think twice before I speak, oh and in the most condescending manner I can without my obturator in "is it your first time?"

He manages to sort the drip first go this time... he then left the room. New friend for life I reckon.

So there we go, scan all done and now I await the results. Should be in a week I reckon...

Until then.